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Gordon Cope

So, We Sold our Home and Ran Away to the South Pacific

Taking a giant leap of faith, Gordon Cope, a successful journalist, and his wife Linda, a computer technician, quit their jobs, sell their home and escape to the South Pacific. With stories from the remote Cook Islands, bustling Sydney, Australia, new-agey New Zealand and Perry Mason’s orchid garden in Fiji, So We Sold Our House and Ran Away to the South Pacific follows Gordon and Linda’s search for happiness – and the best sauvignon blanc in the southern hemisphere.

Along the way, they encounter a host of memorable characters; Sven the Swedish biker with a body of tattoos; Greg, the James Cagney look-alike; Papa Manu, whose Cook Island-style birthday parties give new meaning to the term ‘party crasher'; lovesick Rarotonga teens Violet and Porkchop; and, of course, the Wizard of New Zealand.

From taking part in a Cook Islands racquetball competition to staring down the fires in Australia, from chasing crazy cockroaches to ducking kookaburras, Gordon Cope takes you on a rollicking adventure to the world down-under. You won’t have to be mad as a meat axe to enjoy this trip!

“A traveller’s tale, light-hearted and well-told, for anyone who has ever dreamed of running away to sea.”
Will Ferguson

Read a sample chapter here.

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