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Why I like Manzanillo



Rainbow over Manzanillo

Realtor Candy King recently asked me why people should retire to Manzanillo. I came up with my Top 10 list! 1 The beaches are clean and the water safe and comfortably warm year-round. You can swim, surf and go deep-sea fishing. 2 The resort area is much smaller than PV or Mazatlan, so it is less crowded most of the year. When tourists arrive for Easter and Christmas, it is mostly parents with their children, rather than college students with their beer. 3 Manzanillo is a resort town for Mexicans, so it is much less expensive than those that cater to North Americans. Also, you are not approached on the beach by agents trying to sell time shares. 4 There is a wide range of affordable accommodations, both for rent and purchase. Most groceries are much less expensive than North America, and fresher. 5 Manzanillo is not plagued by gang violence. The people are warm and friendly. They perceive North Americans as neighbours they would like to meet, rather than tourists they would like to exploit. 6 Manzanillo is a place where people are eager to make new friends. There are numerous social clubs and organizations that coordinate social events. We have met many wonderful Expats and Mexican people. 7 The Manzanillo airport has frequent flights to Los Angeles and other US and Canadian destinations. The town is connected by modern bus service to airports in PV and Guadalajara, for further destination choices. 8 Drivers are friendly and courteous. Taxis and local buses are abundant and inexpensive. 9 There is a wide range of excellent restaurants. They feature fresh fish at inexpensive prices. 10 Manzanillo has modern telecommunication networks and reliable electricity supply. You are never ‘out-of-touch’ with families and friends.

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