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Gordon Cope

Sample Chapters

Secret Combinations

When FBI agent Jack Kenyon investigates his Aunt Lydia’s death in London, he uncovers not only a clever murder, but a plot to cripple modern civilization itself.

Read a sample chapter here.

So, We Sold our Home and Ran Away to the South Pacific

Taking a giant leap of faith, Gordon Cope, a successful journalist, and his wife Linda, a computer technician, quit their jobs, sell their home and escape to the South Pacific. With stories from the remote Cook Islands, bustling Sydney, Australia, new-agey New Zealand and Perry Mason’s orchid garden in Fiji, follow Gordon and Linda’s search for happiness – and the best sauvignon blanc in the southern hemisphere.

Read a sample chapter here.

A Paris Moment

“In Paris, when you walk out the door … the day springs to life as a full-blown performance, and if you are not part of the audience, you are part of the cast.”

Sometimes your wildest dreams come true.  When his wife Linda is offered a one-year posting in France, journalist Gord Cope found himself on a fantasy assignment; a year in Paris with nothing to do but write.

Read a sample chapter here.

A Thames Moment

When journalist Gordon Cope and his wife Linda go to live in Henley-on-Thames, home of the world famous royal rowing regatta, they do so with trepidation; will they be accepted by the local community, or will they be ostracized by the Champagne-swilling toffs, inbred twits and hooray-harries that their friends warned them about?

Read a sample chapter here.

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